Torch Kit with Spring End Hose AK41S 4-in-1

$328.52 USD

The AK41S provides maximum flexibility for all soft soldering jobs. Four standard tips give the operator the ability to solder from 1/8" through 2" I.D. tubing. Kit components are the same as the AK1 with the addition of three torch tips.

Extra tips supplied are:

• 2A Torch Tip
• 4A Torch Tip
• 5A Torch Tip

All ASCO Acetylene Kits are shipped with solid brass torch handle with "Screw-in" tip connection. 3/8" Left Hand "A" fittings on Spring End Hose, torch handle and regulator outlet. Standard acetylene regulator inlet is designed for use with all 40 cubic foot "B" acetylene cylinders (CGA 520).

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