Flame Tech Argon Flowmeter

$122.66 USD

Flame Tech regulator bodies are made from solid forged brass; there's no need to cover them with plastic. The adjustment screws are solid brass, easy-to-turn key style.

Why does Flame Tech continue making these old-fashioned style regulators? Because they work.

• Economy style combination regulator and flowmeter in one unit.
• Preset pressure output at 50 PSI, machined brass body, polycarbonate flow tube and outer cover are
impact resistant for maximum durability.
• Compact lightweight construction.
• Designed for MIG & TIG applications providing accurate regulation of gas flow.
• Dual scale gauge with impact resistant polycarbonate lens for durability.
• 0-60 SCFH Flow, Preset output 50 PSI for Argon & CO2, Weight 1 lb. 6 oz.
• Outlet fitting: 5/8”-18 RH Female CGA “B”