Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I already own a Turbo Torch. Do I have to buy a completely new setup?

A: No. ASCO torches are completely interchangeable with all other brands.

Q: How hot do your torches burn and how do they compare to other brands?

A: ASCO JET tips burn at 2500 degrees farenheight which is as hot or hotter than other brands.

Q: You claim to have the highest quality tool on the market. What specifically makes yours superior?

A: ASCO torch handles are made of solid brass (the other brands use plastic). ASCO tips have brass ends that are removable (for easy cleaning) and replaceable (you never have to buy a complete tip again, just the end).

Q:Where are ASCO torches made and what type of warranty do they come with?

A: ASCO torch equipment is manufactured in Belleville, NJ and comes with a 1 year parts and labor warranty.