Turbo Torch vs. ASCO Torch Equipment December 17 2014

Best Torch Equipment on The Market

Because of the advent of certain products like Pro Press, Shark Bite and Pex tubing the need for torches to use for joining pipe has diminished quite a bit. These products are fairly new however and the long term quality of them is still largely unproven. This being said the most effective and sure fire way to secure joints is still brazing and soldering. This leads us to the question of which is the best and most economical torch on the market.

The “Name” and most popular torch out there is Turbo Torch. Victor has done a fantastic job of marketing their product. In fact Torches are known throughout the industry as “Turbo Torches”, but are these actually the best torches on the market? They do burn hotter than any other torch on the market (2700 degrees verses 2500 degrees) and are certainly a better option than Oxy Acetylene but they are also the most expensive torch on the market and their durability is also suspect.

In today’s market most companies do not pay for a tech or mechanics tools. It is up to the individual to procure their own tools. That makes it very important that not just guys starting out but even the veteran mechanics and techs to get the most bang for their buck. 

Turbo Torch 

Turbo torches sport a Plastic handle and the tips are of a stainless steel construction. This is also true of Goss, Uniweld, Presto and all other major brands. The swirl combustion that generates the Turbo heat is made of a 3 flute construction.

The exception to that is Goss which boasts a multi-port flame. It however burns at a temp of 2200 degrees and is therefore less effective. Their supply tubes are crimped together to the mixer assemblies and the tips sit on 3 ball bearings in the handle.

All of these brands are interchangeable making it possible to have a multi manufacturer set-up and are basically of the same quality. The exception to this is ASCO Torches.

Asco Torch

Whereas ASCO Torches are also interchangeable with all other brands they sport a solid brass handle that is much more durable. The tips have a 4 flute construction. Turbo Torches are especially noted for having a feathery end to their flame while ASCO Torches with their 4 fluted tips have a tighter swirl for a better wrap around on fittings, without the feathery end.

The tip ends are also made of a heavy grade brass so they hold up better to abuse and are threaded onto the supply tube. This makes them easy to clean and they are replaceable. When Turbo tips burn out they need to be totally replaced.

ASCO tip ends can be replaced without having to purchase an entirely new tip. Their handles have a 4 ball bearing seat for a tighter fit. In fact Turbo tips fit better in ASCO Handles than their own. ASCO set-ups also come with spring ended hose for better durability and most importantly are about 15 to 20% less expensive than Turbo Torches.